Crazy Mutts dog psychology situated in London UK!


Lisa Laughlin Dog Psychologist, Small Animal Care DIP,Canine First Aid and Pet Bereavement Counsellor. A member of the Institute of Animal Care Education and an associate member of the Canine Behaviour Centre.

Fully Insured Pet Business Trainers Insurance, Public Care & Liability

When it comes to Dog Psychology Crazy Mutts situated in West London is quickly gaining popularity. Lets face it a crazy dog jumping up on people does nothing for your social life!

About Us

My name is Lisa Laughlin and having grown up with dogs from a very early age I developed both a love and an understanding for them. As I reached adulthood I realised that it was the behaviour of the dog which truly fascinated me in particular rescue dogs and the challenges that they bring with them. So for me to really help and understand them I decided to study Canine Psychology.

My real passion lies with the German Shepherd dog. This is a breed that I have owned and worked with for over 30 years. I am also a member, supporter and charity fundraiser for the South West German Shepherd Rescue.

German Shepherd Rescue

Lisa supports the German Shepherd Rescue in Scotland and in the Southwest of England